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There are few options for web designers in Panama City Beach, Florida to consider when implementing a new website design and the most common is to hire a web designer, use a WordPress template or online website builder. In order to decide which is best suited for your business needs in Panama City Beach, Florida you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of each which are listed below.


Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS which is a script consisting of Open Source and the first choice of most bloggers but can also be used for designing simple websites with thousands of third party plugins.

Modifications like removing a date field requires some knowledge of PHP language. Most of the Wordpress templates look similar and you will need to know CSS and HTML5 to create a different unique look. Plenty of plugins will be needed which can adversely effect the webpage loading time. If you are a Columbus, GA business and concerned about on page SEO, there is a plugin called Yoast which is not 100% accurate.

Because hackers know the system, Wordpress is vulnerable so it’s recommended to update the site when new security updates are available.

Free Wordpress themes have little if any built-in options for customization such as content layout, background colors, header or footer content. Paid themes do have customization options along with built-in support for tablets, mobile devices and technical support.

Most themes are developed by third party web developers which makes it extremely difficult to modify the design and any attempt to do so will result in a mess. Generally these developers located in Panama City Beach, Florida or else where typically design their themes to satisfy a number of generic web design scenarios which more than likely will not meet your needs for on page SEO.

Most of the themes and plugins are bloated because the WYSIWYG editor can generate bad HTML and to compensate for this you will need to install the CSS/HTML/JS minifiers but if you get the wrong ones, they can alter every request taking your website to a crawl.

Premium themes and plugins are very expensive making it rather difficult for small business website owners in Panama City Beach, Florida to afford them. Also it can be difficult to manage a Wordpress website efficiently having to deal with regular updates and problems associated with them such as some plugins are not compatible with latest Wordpress updates. If you are considering purchasing a WordPress template, make sure it's mobile responsive since Google now requires all websites to be mobile responsive or acquire a penalty on mobile searches.


By far the cheapest option to create your site is using an online website builder but the main disadvantage is you will not be able to customize your site. The advantage of a website builder is that it requires typically no technical skills.

Another disadvantage is if you used one of these builders to create your site and you want to take it to the next level, you are out of luck because your website design belongs to your service provider and you have to start over.

You get a selection of design templates to choose from and sometimes give you an option to change certain elements but generally people who use these templates have a website that looks similar or exactly like someone else’s website.

A website builder may come with an SEO package but you are going to be limited without access to source code.


Undoubtedly hiring a web designer in Panama City Beach, Florida will cost more however the advantage is you will have a professional designing your website which means you can get any custom feature you want. It is also recommended that on page SEO be implemented as the website is being designed so each webpage is optimized for better search engine results.

One disadvantage of hiring a web designer in Panama City Beach, Florida is that you will not be able to maintain your own site and more than likely will have to pay a monthly maintenance fee.


If you are a business owner in Panama City Beach, FloridaA on a tight budget, then a pre-designed WordPress template or online website builder is the way to go but keep in mind there will be custom design limitations and more than likely on page SEO limitations as well. If you have a business and the budget to hire a professional web designer, this will ensure more of a success your site will do well in search engines. The old saying goes “you get what you pay for” but only if you get a highly experienced website designer with a proven track record. Happy web designing in 2017!

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