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SEO tips

Most corporations in Panama City Beach, Florida spend thousands of dollars monthly for Google AdWords as opposed to hiring an SEO expert for organic ranking. If you have a lot of money and in a hurry to get your products or services on page one of Google searches, then Google AdWords is the best method. If you can’t afford thousands of dollars each month, I recommend hiring an SEO professional to obtain an organic ranking. The question most people ask me is how do I choose the best and affordable company?

If you live in Panama City Beach, Florida I would simply search on Google for SEO companies and obviously at the top of page one of Google organically is the best. The price of an SEO compaign will depend on the competition of your targeted keywords. The best way to determine keyword competition is to use Google’s keyword planner.

Quality Content – On Page SEO

If you are pushing your products or services in Panama City Beach, Florida, write your blog content to target different audiences. Let’s say your company sells biomedical feedback devices that helps with tinnitus or elderly people with arthritis. Obviously your 2 blogs would be about what causes arthritis and tinnitus and how your products can help with the symptoms. Or maybe a blog about sports injuries with information how your products help with those as well.

When implementing on page SEO, keep in mind quality content is most important which should consist around 400 words of text, images and embedded videos per page. Your targeted keywords should around 3% of total text per page. The page meta title should be around 55 characters and page meta description around 155 characters which should also include your targeted keywords. H1, H2 and H3 tags are paragraph heading text which should contain your most important keywords.

Keep in mind the more text you have on all the pages of your website, the more you can repeat your keywords. Let’s say you have 10 pages on your website at 400 words per page equals a total of 4000 words and 3% keyword density means you can repeat your keywords 120 times. So the more total words per website, the more you can repeat your keywords. When Google crawls your website, the most repeated keywords to least repeated will be listed in your Google webmaster tools analytical report. I would recommend signing up for a free Google Webmaster Tools account so you can embed html tracking code for each webpage that allows you to monitor website statistics such as crawl errors, mobile compatibility, submit sitemap, visitors per day, links to your site and much more.

Have blog articles on your website as you will find out below this is important for implementing the off page SEO process. These articles should explain how your products or services can help people in their everyday lives Once again, embedding videos and keyword density at 3% in your blog articles is very important.

Off Page SEO

After implementing on page SEO for your website, it’s time to get the important backlinks needed for a great organic ranking and give your website pages authority. The blog articles I mentioned above to put on your website will be posted on all your social media sites as well. I recommend Tumblr, Pinterest, Blogspot, Wordpress, Google+, Facebook and Linkedin, As you post these articles on your social media sites, include anchor text backlinks to different blog pages on your website. Use different variations of anchor text so it doesn’t look like keyword stuffing to search engines. Sign up for a free Google+ business account so you can request a post card to verify your local business to get a Google map listing.

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SEO tips
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