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Is Professional Blogging Beneficial for SEO?

So now you’re performed On-Page SEO for your brand new website with great quality content and what is the next step? Obviously, the next step is to implement Off-Page SEO to obtain the important high quality backlinks to different pages on your website giving them more page authority thus increasing your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). Social media is apparently the best method to acquire more traffic needed for your website.

Social Media Blogging for Traffic to Your Website

How well could you write blog articles explaining the products or services your company offers in Panama City Beach, Florida? What if I told you in order to get the amount of backlinks you need, more than 40 blog articles might be needed if your targeted keywords are highly competitive. Not every product or services are created equal so it depends on how many categories you can write blog articles about. For example, let’s say your product can help with many illnesses, can you can write blogs about how your products can alleviate or help with each type of illness? Many users are surfing the internet for great quality content so you have to write blow out of the water content which is exactly what Google requires to award you with a good ranking.

Do I Hire a Professional Blogger

So the question is do you want to hire a professional blogger in Panama City Beach, Florida who may not know the details about your products or services or write the the blog articles yourself? It depends if you know how to integrate the targeted long tail keywords in your articles. Do you know Google requires keywords to be no more than 3% of your entire article or you get penalized for keywords stuffing? Do I hire an SEO expert to make sure the professional blogger adheres to Google algorithms? I would say the most important aspect of an SEO campaign is to hire a professional SEO expert to ensure the blogger you hire conforms to what Google requires so your website doesn’t get penalized for keyword stuffing. No company wants to pay thousands of dollars for an SEO campaign to find out their website is now penalized and no chance to be on page one of Google search results.

A massive SEO campaign can cost thousands of dollars and a professional blogger in Panama City Beach, Florida isn’t cheap either so I recommend asking the SEO professional or Blogger you are interested in to provide you with their previous clients contact information so you find out if they had a bad or good experience. If they say because of client confidentially, we can not give you client information, that would be a red flag.

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Professional blogger can be beneficial for SEO.
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