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Masters Guide For SEO

Most experts in Panama City Beach, Florida know SEO is an ongoing process and not something you do for awhile and quit after you’ve achieved your ranking goals. It’s like having a baby which you have to nurture, spend a lot of time with and requires a lot of attention. Google likes fresh original content on a regular basis and many websites have been knocked down from page one of Google searches due to complacency and

not keeping it updated with new engaging content so visitors keep returning to your site as well as new visitors. Visitors to your site may have a short attention span so embedded videos and pics engage more efficiently than text alone.

SEO professionals in Panama City Beach, Florida can be quite expensive mainly due to the amount of time involved implementing this process. Another method which is quick but expensive is to buy Google Adwords, however, if your targeted keywords are very competitive, you can spend thousands in a short period of time. This article will go over the steps you should take to achieve excellent organic SERP (search engine results page).

On Page SEO

Before implementing an off page SEO campaign, I recommend performing an on page SEO which basically insures your website is optimized with your targeted keywords in the correct places. If the keywords you wish to use are highly competitive, I recommend using long tail keywords. One important thing to keep in mind is different pages should have different keyword targets and the page.html name should contain this targeted keyword along with the city and state if you are a local business in Panama City Beach, Florida.

  • Keywords- Density should be around 3% and the most important keywords should be in the first sentence of the first paragraph.
  • Page Title Tag– Around 50 to 60 characters in length including keywords close to the front of this tag and if you are a local business, include your city and state. Don’t repeat keywords as this will appear to Google as keyword stuffing.
  • Page Description Tag– Between 150-160 characters and should contain your keywords intelligently with a compelling description relevant to the page content and also considering each page’s meta description uniqueness.
  • Keywords Meta Tag– This is now history as Google doesn’t use this in ranking factors.
  • H1 Tag (header tag)– This is the title of the post and will be the largest text that stands out which should contain your targeted keywords. Each paragraph heading should have an H2 or H3 tag with keywords relevant to the content. Once again, keyword stuffing is not advisable in this tag.
  • Page Loading Time- Even though DSL and cable internet speeds have increased dramatically, mobile providers are much slower and since approximately 50% of all internet traffic is on mobile devices, Google frowns on long page loading times. Keep your page loading time at around 3 to 5 seconds. Pics should be 72 dpi and try to minimize .png pics since they are usually larger in file size. Embedded videos should not be set to auto play.

As mentioned before, Google likes original fresh content so keep your site updated on a regular basis and try to have around 800 to 1000 words per page with embedded videos which engages visitors more and reduces your page bounce rate.

Site structure with easy navigation is important to give visitors a pleasant experience making it easy to find what they are looking for. Check for broken infrastructure links as Google will pickup on this when your site is crawled by Googlebot.

Applying for a free Google Webmasters account is extremely important in order to view analytics and statistics about your website. In the analytics section you can generate Google html tracking code which is placed in the head section of your web page.

Off Page SEO

This is the process by which you obtain as many high quality backlinks from high Domain Authority sites as possible. Domain Authority is rated on a score of 0-100 and was developed by Moz which indicates the SERP of a website. You can measure a website’s Domain Authority using Open Site Explorer.

In the past few years SEO has been moving towards the social media arena and listed below are some tips for obtaining backlinks.

  • Guest Blogging– This is still a viable source of backlinks, however, make sure the blog is relevant to your product or services in Columbus, GA and has a high domain authority.
  • Social Media
    • Alot of online articles state social signals are not backlinks, however, I have to disagree since I’ve used this method and obtained excellent SERP. Google Webmaster Tools backlinks section shows many links from alot of social media places such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Linkedin, Blogspot, Google+, etc. Click on the image below to view a snapshot of Google Webmaster Tools backlinks section.
    • Write original engaging articles pertaining to your products or services in Panama City Beach, Florida, including embedded videos, posting them on all your social media sites. Each article you post should include anchor text pointing back to different pages on your website giving them backlinks and page authority. Do not repeat over and over the same anchor text words; spice it up alittle with different long tail keywords.
    • If your article content is very informative, visitors will re-pin, follow, or link to it as well as their followers, increasing your backlinks exponentially.
  • Video Marketing -There are many video sharing services on the internet such as Youtube and Dailymotion where you can also obtain backlinks. The first line of video description should start with http://www.yoururl.com and continue with your video description including targeted keywords. If your videos are optimized properly, they can show up in Google’s search engine results.

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