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Link Earning vs Link Building

So, your website design is finished and it’s time to acquire some high domain authority backlinks. Domain Authority is Moz's algorithm metric for how well a domain is likely to rank in Google's search results while Page Authority calculates the strength of an individual web page. Google’s page rank updates around every 3

months while Domain Authority updates about 2 times per month. Compared to Google’s page rank, Domain Authority is more accurate and gives better analytics of the website’s SEO performance.

This article is about building natural earned links, so let’s get started and I’ll give you some important information below to follow which just about guarantees an excellent SERP for your website.

Google rewards Webmasters who obtain natural earned backlinks by utilizing great content keeping visitors on your website longer thus reducing your bounce rate. Algorithms are now smart enough to know the difference between easy and earned backlinks. There are some places on the internet that will submit your website to thousands of places for a fee, however, Google knows you can’t naturally earn this huge amount of backlinks in a short period of time and essentially most of these links may not be from high domain authority sites. Several hundred low quality links won’t equal the benefits you acquire from only a few high quality sites. A lot of people ask me “how do I obtain earned links naturally”? The answer is simply hard work and if you take the easy way, more than likely your site will get penalized by Google.

Social Media Marketing

SEO experts in Panama City Beach, Florida know there are many social media sites with high domain authority which are a gold mine for obtaining natural earned backlinks for your website pages. But first you need some informative blog articles on your website about your products or services that your social media blogs will link to (via anchor text) giving your website pages more page authority.

Your social media blogs must be eye catching with great content including your targeted keywords in the heading. Most will allow you to import an image from your website blog page URL which gives you a earned link as well. I would recommend giving this images an alt tag. In the body of your social media blog include your long tail keywords with anchor text links to revelant blog pages on your website. Don’t use the same anchor text keywords repeatedly as this will be considered keyword stuffing so spice it up with different anchor text keywords linking to different URL blog pages on your website giving you link diversity and page authority.

Just below your social media blog content, I would recommend embedding a Youtube video as this will give visitors more information about your products or services in Columbus, GA. Your goal should be to write blow out of the water blog articles that visitors will share and their followers as well increasing your backlinks exponentially.

There are contradicting articles on the internet stating social media signals don’t impact SERP, however, how many times have you done a Google search and in the results are Youtube videos or social media sites such as Pinterest and Wordpress. I did a search for Denas Complex and on page one is the results below.

social media backlinks

As you can see there are 2 Blogspot, 2 Wordpress and 1 Linkedin URL results which clearly shows social media sites have an impact on SERP if your blog articles incorporate original engaging content that visitors are looking for. So remember, natural link earning can be a long and tedious method of the SEO process but pays off in the long run and implementing black hat SEO techniques will only get your website penalized.

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