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Learning SEO

SEO experts in Panama City Beach, Florida know most online companies today need an upper hand when it comes to internet marketing in order to get a good share of the market. Without a lot exposure on the internet, no doubt success will be almost impossible to achieve. The difference between your website being on page 9 or page 1 of search engine results could be the difference between large sales or virtually little sales at all. The key to success is to have better website content, on page SEO and more quality backlinks than your competitors.

Determine the targeted keywords for your niche, perform an SEO audit on your competitors website and their backlink profile. This will give you an idea what areas you need to improve and do it better than your competitors.

Choosing Your Long Tail Keywords For SEO

Keep in mind you must choose the correct long tail keywords for your niche before you design your website or failure is inevitable in the long run. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to research your targeted keywords to find out competitive they are which will determine how aggressive your SEO campaign needs to be. The more competitive the keywords the harder it will be to rank.

If you are targeting local cities such as Panama City Beach, Florida, then include these cities in your long tail keywords. A different web page for each city would be recommended and include the city along with your other keywords in the page URL (www.yoursite.com/auto-repair-atlanta-ga.html), title, meta description, content and H1, H2 H3 tags which are paragraph headings. I would recommend at least 700 words of text or more. Try to keep most of your important keywords above the fold of the page.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Google now requires your website to be mobile responsive or get deranked on mobile searches. This is probably due to the fact more and more people are using mobile devices and growing yearly. A lot of businesses use WordPress themes for their website which I don’t recommend because on page SEO is more difficult to implement. There are instances where WordPress will choose the wrong information for your meta description or possibly missing H1, H2, and H3 tags. This is because WordPress uses an SEO plugin which isn’t always accurate and not a one stop SEO solution.

My recommendation for designing mobile responsive websites is using Bootstrap which uses CSS, Javascript and HTML5. Of course there is a learning curve as opposed to choosing a ready made template but there is more flexibility such as easily modifying your tags with your long tail keywords.

On Page SEO Implementation

You should always implement on page SEO as you are designing your mobile responsive website. Make sure to include your long tail keywords in your page title, meta description, word content ( at least 700 words or more), image alt tag, H1, H3 and H3 tags. I would also recommend embedding a video on your page as some people would rather watch a video than read 700 words of text. As mentioned above you should also include your long tail keywords in your sub page’s URL. Generally you want a different page for different long tail keywords. You can have a lot of quality backlinks but if your website is not optimized, failure is almost certain. If you are in doubt how to implement on page SEO, I would recommend hiring an SEO expert.

Apply for a free Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) and Analytics account where you can embed HTML tracking code on your web pages for Google analytics such as search analysis, bounce rate, content keywords, crawl errors, links to your site, submit sitemap, disavow bad backlinks, check Schema and mobile usability.

Off Page SEO Implementation

After designing and performing on page SEO for your website, you should begin the process of internet marketing or what’s called off page SEO. This is a process by which you acquire a lot of quality backlinks from high DA sites thus resulting in a higher SERP for your website. Your backlink profile should contain a combination of dofollow and nofollow links. If you have a fairly new website and obtain hundreds or thousands of dofollow links in a short period of time, it could raise a flag to Google. Obtaining natural backlinks over a period of time is the strategy to implement. If your website is not new, then I wouldn’t be concerned about obtaining a lot of backlinks in a short period of time.

So how do I get the quality backlinks I need? Social media profiles and blog articles on social media sites with anchor text links pointing back to different pages on your website. The anchor text has to be revelant to the page you are linking to. Use different variations of your anchor text or it will be considering as spamming. Guest blogging is another method if its revelant as well to your content. Register your business with Google maps if you already have a Google+ business page.

Youtube is another way of directing traffic to your site so I recommend doing several promo videos. Be sure to include your targeted keywords in the video title, description and tags. You can embed these videos in your social media and web pages as well.


Again, success means choosing your keywords wisely by doing your research, make sure your website is mobile responsive, perform SEO audit on competitors website, implement on and off page SEO. Doing a better job than your competitor gives you the edge which may be all you need for your online business to succeed.. Good luck and happy SEOing!

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