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The Grand 4 Web Design Trends

There are four grand web design trends that every web developer and company must convert to. Website trends occur due to new developments that will lead to a better web future. Read the for Grand Web Trends below.

Grand Web Trend 1- Mobile Friendly Standard.Mobile friendly design standards have arrived and are here to stay for a long time. With the number of mobile devices in use, there is almost no way that this trend will ever leave as the new standard.

More mobile devices require for web designs to be optimized and accessible for mobile devices. A web developer must understand that mobile devices do not load as fast as computer desktops. Aside from the web visuals, a website must be tested in speed. Speed gets faster and faster every year and by the mobile friendly web design, web page speed has become even faster. Another thing that may come as a conflict with mobile layouts,not all coding effects are compatible with mobile devices. Web developers should always run a final check of their coding just to make sure it opens with mobile devices.

1 Way to make your website Mobile friendly.

1-Browser HTTP. The first way to make your website mobile friendly is to reduce the number of HTTP requests in the browser. By reducing this number, the fewer files a browser will have to open and the faster the web page will load.

Grand Web Trend 2- Responsive Layout.Responsive layouts will resize for every device screen size automatically. Responsive designs are very handy and with the amount of devices out today, it is a must to have a responsive layout design for your website.

2 Ways to Make you Website Responsive

1-Going to the Percentage.Always use percentage to design a fluid grid
2-CSS Rule.Use Media Query to make any layout responsive!

Grand Web Trend 3- Wordpress Blog Section.Quality content out of a website is not only great for brand trustability,but it is also great for SEO.Websites that have a large amount of quality content coming out of their website in a constant time frame are ultimately ranked better in search engines. Think about it, a website may have 10 pages and each page has meta tags to notify search engines where the site would like to be ranked. Now imagine having 100 blogs on a website. Those blogs would have their own meta tags as well and they will most likely get ranked somewhere on the web. Now, those individuals searching for that type of blog information a website has written would land on the web page. If one blog post has 3 views a month and a website has 300 article, that would be 300 views a month and the best part is the individuals viewing the website would need the related information written in the blog. So if a construction company is writing about ‘Items Needed to Build a Balcony in Tacoma”, then the individual who is searching for that info is probably in Tacoma and looking for a construction company. Search engines must know whether a website is the real deal or if it is a robot site. So the more unique content a website has, the higher the ranks.

3 Ways to Make you Wordpress Blog Interesting

  • 1-Custom Images. Creating custom images with photoshop can put a spark in a blog post.
  • 2-Unique Headers. Titles attract attention! Whatever a blog post may be about, the title should sum it up in one loud message.
  • 3-Share on your Social Sites. Sharing blog posts on social media sites will increase followers and expand the blog to another outlet!

Grand Web Trend 4- Interactive Web Designs. Interactive web designs are user-friendly and create a great impression for first-time web visitors. An Interactive website will often have mouse events that the visitor can participate in. By using interactive web design, the website visitor is more likely to stay on the page even longer. This is great for SEO and may lead to a website getting a sale or another great follower.

4 Ways to Make your Website Interactive and Interesting

  • 1-UI Animations. UI Animations will have a digitalized story to tell and the web visitor can be a part of it.
  • 2-Hover Events.Hover events can allow the web visitor either move or swipe across to the next slide ( depending on the desired effect). These are cool interactive ways to engage your website visitors with making movements to your website.
  • 3-Video Backgrounds with Mouse Change. Full-screen video backgrounds will make a website visitor feel like they’re in a movie theater. Add a mouse event that will allow the web visitor to move around the video and you will have yourself an interactive video!
  • 4-User Content. Comment boxes and reviews will allow website visitors to share their thoughts depending on what is presented to be commented on. This outlet will allow the regular website visitor to have a sense of freedom when going to that particular website.

Although there are more than 4 web design trends that come out every 6 months, we have selected these 4 web trends that we predict will remain at the top for a long time to come.

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The Grand 4 Web Design Trends
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