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Google Adwords or Organic SERP?

There are essentially two options for obtaining a search engine ranking position (SERP). The fast and most expensive method or longer and less expensive method. Over the years I havee had many questions whether to go with Google AdWords or Organic SEO. Before you choose either, one should understand the concept,

benefits and disadvantages of both. Google AdWords is an advertising system by which advertisers bid on particular keywords so their clickable ads appear in Google’s search results.

How Does AdWords Work?

AdWords may or may not be beneficial for your business in Columbus, GA depending on how competitive your targeted keywords are. Unless you have the sufficient funds each month to cover expensive high competitive keywords, you are better off going organic. Below we will go into what it will cost you everytime a user clicks on your Google Ad.

How Much Does Adwords Cost?

On average the cost per click is around $2 and the most expensive is $50 or much higher per click. The cost per click will get dramatically more expensive if the targeted keyword is extremely competitive. The average small business can spend between $8,000 to $10,000 per month, however, huge retailers might spend up to $49 million per year. When an advertiser sets up their Ad budget for one month and find out it’s totally gone in a matter of days, it can be quite devastating.

Organic SEO

Another option to Google Adwords is hiring an SEO expert to implement your internet marketing campaign. SEO professionals in Panama City Beach, Florida are not created equally and prices may vary but on the average they charge from $300 to $1,500 per month depending on how competitive your targeted keywords are depends on how how expensive the SEO campaign will be. This is still by far less expensive than paying several thousand dollars per month for AdWords but I have to mention SEO professionals can not guarantee your ranking position on search engines.

Internet marketing includes On/Off Page SEO which mean your website must be search engine friendly with your targeted keywords in the right places. Maybe the expert you hire doesn’t design websites and you have to find a web designer that knows how to implement On Page SEO which many do not. It can be somewhat difficult but my recommendation is to find a specialist in Panama City Beach, Florida who can do both.

Organic listings are more valuable because you don’t pay for clicks and acquire more clicks than a Google Ad. With an organic campaign it will take longer to rank as opposed to Adwords which is fast but you will pay more in the long run.

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